Reliable Pattern Works - Foundry Patterns, Models, Molds, Prototypes, Fixtures, Machining

Reliable Pattern Works is a leading manufacturer of foundry pattern tooling, models and molds for all types of industries. Our design team creates and manufactures tooling from supplied drawings, sample parts, ideas or CAD files to generate the precise equipment needed to produce quality parts in our customer's expected time frame. Our staff of engineers combine their years of skilled training with advanced technology to supply precise parts within our customer's budget.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Reliable Pattern Works is your source for prototypes, designs, mockups, fixtures and machining for defense, aerospace, medical, marine, mining communications, automotive industries and more.

Since 1913, RPW has been fabricating prototypes and production tooling for industries producing castings, metal, ceramics, polymers, plastics, wood and urethanes. RPW also  supplies aluminum, magnesium, iron and other alloy castings to your design specifications. We specialize in on-site CAD/CAM, mold fabrication, model building, tool design and photostress coatings.

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Foundry Patterns

Industrial foundry patterns for prototype and production castings.



Single or mulit-cavity molds manufactured to pour or cast all varieties of materials.



Scaled, working and display models fabricated to represent customer's designs.



Supplier of sand, permanent mold rotocast and investment castings in a wide range of alloys.



Specializing in a variety of fixtures for use in inspection, assembly, heat treat, qualifying and core drying.


CNC and manual machining of materials: Casting and raw. 3 and 4-axis 3D machining, milling, drilling, tapping, turning.


Designing new tooling for patterns and molds, fixtures, reverse engineering and converting drawings to 3D CAD models.

Revisions and Repairs

Modifying, revising and reconditioning of tooling and parts.