Pattern making is an old trade skill that has evolved over generations.  Reliable Pattern has spent over 100 years specializing in the manufacturing of foundry patterns and tooling using traditional pattern making standards with modern CAD, CAM and CNC technologies.  Parts and tooling are desined and machined for accuracy, longevity and repeatability.  Tooling is manufactured using all type of materials ranging aluminum and iron to urethane and wood.


Types of Patterns: Stack boxes, match plates, cope and drag plates, loose, master, split, family plates, shell and follow board patterns

Core boxes: Split, Dump, Shell, Mulit-Cavity, Loose pieces

Permanent Molds: Iron, steel, multi-Cavity, gating, rigging, devices and ejector systems

Rapid Prototyping

Reverse engineering

Rework, repair and recondition

picture picture
3-part core box and loose pieces stack box master pattern
picture picture picture
stack box and gating permanent mold split core boxes
picture picture picture
foundry pattern 2-cavity match plate with chain locks

stack box

Foundry pattern Sand core assembly

Assembly instructions

Stack box and magnesium casting